Profile Gemima Dr Gemima Fitzgerald is the Director and Founder of Thrive Clinical Psychology and Resilience Consultancy Ltd. She has developed expertise in Resilience. Her doctoral research focussed on how resilience is developed after experiences of adversity. She designs bespoke workshops and training events on resilience, and is fast developing an excellent reputation for promoting change and development. Her training helps support people cope with difficulties in both their personal and professional lives. She also helps people to learn from their experiences, as well as identify and tap into their inner resources. Her aim is to help people develop a sense of meaning in their personal story and resilience for their journey through life, with self-compassion and acceptance.

Gemima is an accomplished and engaging public speaker; having recently spoken at a TEDx event in Brighton, as well as national conferences. Her blog about psychological issues attracts a large and diverse audience. For enquiries about her workshops and training please contact.

Her TEDx talk on resilience after adversity can be viewed here:Dr Gemima Fitzgerald TEDx Brighton: Resilience after Adversity

Check out the Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/drgemimafitzgerald

If you would like to contact Gemima please email: drgemimafitzgerald@gmail.com

Or Tweet her at @GemimaF

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